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Kim Brennan - Gold Medal Winning Olympic Rower for Australia

I’ve always been very particular about who I want to work for and work with. In regards, to sport and sponsors. What I really value about EY is that they have taken a real initiative and they have done something that a lot of other companies haven’t done. 

A lot of other companies say that they value gender equality and they say that they value striving for excellence, but they don’t do anything different and they don’t think outside the sphere of how athletes can actually make a difference. That’s what I love, is this forward thinking and taking a little bit of a risk but one that we are so incredibly grateful for the excellent opportunities that has given us. So, I think having that ability to think outside the square is definitely something that has drawn me to EY.  


Grace Luczak - World Record Holder in Women's Eight (Olympic Rower)

How do you feel that the ACT program will be different to other people who will be making transition?

This program is really helpful because it being a combination of being able to work with people who are experienced, who have also been athletes themselves. They would understand where they are coming from and then it’s like fitting in together with a great company. That’s a good facet, it’s all about being good for you and good for the company that you work for. You know that you are going into a situation where they want someone like you and your skills. And I am really so excited to be a part of it.


Nzingha Prescod - Olympic Fencer

So what were your feelings when you were first contacted by ACT about this program? 

When I was contacted by ACT it was like wow! Oh my god. Because honestly after the Olympics it’s going to like what should I do now. You are so focused leading up to the games on actually qualifying that you are normally too involved to think what you can do after, so it was nice to be asked the question by ACT, after the games I am going to be involved? So, that was a great relief.


Wianka Van Dorp - Olympic Rower

You started rowing at the bottom and you worked your way up to being a world class. You want to be ambitious and move on in you new career? 

ACT brought me to this point and I saw a lot of girls who started competing in Rio and they didn’t know what to do next. Because ACT helped me and did a great job I could be really confident to go to the next step. The entrance is really good. I think to start with a big company, you need a lot of qualities and to work directly with very experienced people, I will fully embrace that opportunity and get the best out of it. I will start with my full patience and full heart to go for it, to learn everything I can in this six months. 


Gareth Thomas - Wales & Lions International Rugby Player

Working with Athlete Career Transition means that I can ask the questions and lean on someone for support when I need to (which I do) because I am totally new to this world. It’s nice to have people who are able to advise you on what is probably going to happen and where you are going to next. For me, more than anything it is the security that I need and also the constant communication between us gives me an understanding of where I should be going and what I should be aiming and striving for.

In addition to the day-to-day support, through the extensive profiling that ACT do, I’ve learnt an awful lot about myself. It really helped me to understand what I could take from the sporting world in order to be successful in the working world as well.


Matthew Hoggard MBE - England Cricketer

The experience I’ve had working with Athlete Career Transition has been absolutely amazing! One of the main reasons that my experience has been so positive is because both Athlete Career Transition and OSTC FX understand that I am obviously not a finished article and they have given me a bit of leeway.

Before retirement, you eat, sleep and drink your sport and you can perform under pressure with millions of people watching as that is what you are accustomed to. Then all of a  sudden you have to start again and start to learn that you do have transferable skills that can be used in business. This has been my biggest takeaway from my experience transitioning with Athlete Career Transition.


David Roberts CBE - British Paralympic Swimmer

I was made aware of ACT and having read up on what Steve and Andy were trying to achieve, I made the call. Without going over the top, it has changed my life.


We spoke at length and no stone was left unturned. Whatever happens in the next phase of my life will be up to me, in many ways, but I know that without the assistance of ACT and the direction in they have given me, I would still be ‘That swimmer’ wondering what to do when I leave the pool for the last time.

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