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Athlete Career Transition Directors Andy and Steve Moore, alongside Performance Psychologist Ben Paszkowec discuss Athlete Transition.


Just as in sport, preparation is key in transition too. Being able to control as many elements of the process as possible is a key influencer to adapting, progressing and performing.


The ACT Transition Support Programme begins as soon as we profile an athlete, building transition readiness. It is important that each athlete we work with understands the demands of the transition as early as possible, so they can begin to identify and build resources that will enable them to adapt and manage the transition journey. 


Human Athlete

Through the Human Athlete Podcast, we’ll have honest and open conversations covering a spectrum of topics all geared toward this transition phase. Steve, Jaime and Kelsi will be chatting with a variety of people; from CEOs of companies to transitioned athletes and neuroscientists. We’re covering it all, the 360-degree view of the Human Athlete. 



Developing a knowledge of all aspects of the transition, both inside the work place and broader life, is essential to best prepare for potential challenges along the way. 

Understand – Demands of the transition, both within business and broader life.

Adapt - Awareness of resources in place and resources needed to aid transition.

Manage – Establish a vision, develop a strategy and implement the processes to achieve desired goals. 


We combine the most current and relevant research from sport, business and psychology with real life athlete case studies to inform and shape the ACT Transition Support programme.


Our assessment tools, expert feedback and analysis will help you understand where you are, who you are and who you want to be in the future. Eliminating costly and time consuming mistakes at this point in your life is as important as making the right choices.


Conventional recruitment and application processes could be a waste of time due to your unconventional resume and perceived lack of ‘work experience’. Therefore ACT work with appropriate companies who value your athletic experience to create opportunities specifically for retiring professional athletes so you will be only competing for jobs against former athletes which you’ve been doing all your life!


Once you are hired ACT work with the business to make sure you make a safe and successful transition into the new environment. Using our many years of experience in this field we have developed the ACT Transition Assistance Program (TAP) to transition athletes from one high performance environment in sport to another in business. This is often the critical element which is not available or overlooked by athletes when making the transition.



Grace is an American Olympic rower and a member of the USA Olympic rowing team in 2016. She has set 2 World Records, including the current record in the Women’s 8+ boat. Here she talks to Athlete Career Transition on what sport can bring to business.


Former elite athletes are among the most disciplined and achievement orientated candidates entering the job market.


No matter the sporting field, elite athletes have spent their lives dedicated to achieving a single goal, overcoming challenges and obstacles greater than anything to achieve their dreams.


We've supported hundreds of elite athletes to find rewarding careers outside of their sport.


Australian Olympic Rower


Welsh International Rugby Player


American Olympic



Kim Brennan - Gold Medal Winning Olympic Rower for Australia

I’ve always been very particular about who I want to work for and work with. In regards, to sport and sponsors. What I really value about EY is that they have taken a real initiative and they have done something that a lot of other companies haven’t done. 

A lot of other companies say that they value gender equality and they say that they value striving for excellence, but they don’t do anything different and they don’t think outside the sphere of how athletes can actually make a difference. That’s what I love, is this forward thinking and taking a little bit of a risk but one that we are so incredibly grateful for the excellent opportunities that has given us. So, I think having that ability to think outside the square is definitely something that has drawn me to EY.  


Matthew Hoggard MBE - England Cricketer

The experience I’ve had working with Athlete Career Transition has been absolutely amazing! One of the main reasons that my experience has been so positive is because both Athlete Career Transition and OSTC FX understand that I am obviously not a finished article and they have given me a bit of leeway.

Before retirement, you eat, sleep and drink your sport and you can perform under pressure with millions of people watching as that is what you are accustomed to. Then all of a  sudden you have to start again and start to learn that you do have transferable skills that can be used in business. This has been my biggest takeaway from my experience transitioning with Athlete Career Transition.


David Roberts CBE - British Paralympic Swimmer

I was made aware of ACT and having read up on what Steve and Andy were trying to achieve, I made the call. Without going over the top, it has changed my life.


We spoke at length and no stone was left unturned. Whatever happens in the next phase of my life will be up to me, in many ways, but I know that without the assistance of ACT and the direction in they have given me, I would still be ‘That swimmer’ wondering what to do when I leave the pool for the last time.