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Exceed tomorrow's expectations

Ciklum ( is a leading global product engineering and digital services company, serving Fortune 500 and fast-growing organisations.

Headquartered in the UK, Ciklum has 4,000+ software developers, designers, product managers and data scientists around the world building tailored digital solutions that leverage emerging technologies.

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Ciklum specialises in enabling digital transformation for some of the largest household names in the digital economy. The Company empowers its clients and people to exceed their potential and pursue the extraordinary.

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Your skills will make a difference!


years on the market


clients in our portfolio


domains we're working with


vision to engineer technology that redefines industries and shapes lives


offices globally


skilful developers, data engineers, architects and scientists

At Ciklum you will:

Go global

work on large-scale projects that redefine industries and change the experience of millions

Boost your skills

shape your career and level up your skills with top-notch tech stacks, engaging teams and projects

Grow professionally

get access to regular internal events, Udemy Business and company-paid certifications

Get rewarded

enjoy competitive compensation & benefits package


make your bold ideas heard thanks to our flat structure and autonomous decision-making

Exchange knowledge

share your experience and grow your expertise within a global community of skilled colleagues

Get the support

have nothing to worry about with our teams taking care of organisational, IT support, and accounting matters


conventional ways of getting things done

We support your learning and development

At Ciklum, we believe in a holistic approach to work. We are sure that effective work involves inspiring knowledge-sharing, fostering cross-cultural gatherings, and of course quality resting time. But don't just take our word for it. Let's hear from the Ciklumers themselves:

Access to Online
Resource Libraries

Discover the internal knowledge base of training materials by Ciklum experts. Data science, IT development, Sales & management and more than 3500+ courses included in Ciklum’s Udemy for Business

Ciklum Speaker's

Join our monthly events on IT related topics - from Scrum implementation to the latest trends, in IT, new technologies and management tools. You can become not only a listener, but a speaker too!

Internal Community

Boost your expertise with our non-commercial events sharing knowledge and building networks of like-minded talents.


The backend of every beautiful solution.
Or, to put it simply – our values

We are ingenious in seeking new, better ways of solving challenging tasks. Each of our team members strives to deliver efficient and effective solutions.


We know how to empower. Creating an environment where people and companies can learn, develop and grow is paramount to us.


Accountability – the principle we never compromise. We take ownership of the tasks and make ourselves accountable for success.


We courageously tackle every challenge on the way. And we are not afraid to bring   our authentic selves to work every day. “You – be you”, as they say.


Being energetic is at our core. We strive to excite and inspire colleagues, clients and members of our professional communities.

Responsibility - is at the core of everything we do

Empowering change, one act at a time. Discover the meaningful impact of our SCR activities and join us in creating a better future.

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Emergency response

The safety of our people is our top priority.

We consistently review and update our business continuity plans to ensure the uninterrupted service

Education and training

We are dedicated to developing the skills of our people and empowering them to reach their full potential

Employee welfare

We stove to create a workplace that prioritises the needs of our team members and allows them to be their true selves


We prioritise making a positive impact and encourage our teams to select and support global charities for a maximum beneficial impact

Environmental responsibility

We are committed to preserve and protect the environment, ensuring sustainable practices in our workplace

Diversity and inclusion

We value inclusivity and celebrate the power that comes with diversity within our global organisation

Learn more from our ESG repot & Compliance approach

Be bold, not bored!

Join Ciklum



Thrive in a world outside of sport. With various open vacancies, exclusively reserved for high-performing elite athletes, we believe that the secret to success is in attracting world-class talent.

The transition experience

It's easy to mis-understand the challenges that elite athletes face upon retirement, but much like military personnel, athletes are regimented, focussed, resourceful, used to routine and deliver their best each and every time. Our job is to help them take those fantastic qualities and apply them to the next phase of their careers within your organisation.

Transition support

Transition Support is a key element in the successful transition of every retiring professional athlete.


ACT work closely with all athletes placed with business partners to ensure the transition process is as smooth and painless as possible. There is no doubt that there will be many challenges along the way but together we will face them and together we will overcome them!


The ACT Transition support team work tirelessly in its pursuit of our athletes next passion and purpose away from sport. We are part of your new team that is here to listen, advise, guide, support and help every step of the way. 


With decades of practical, and lived experience, at our finger tips ACT are experts in transition support, support that is consistent, dependable, available at all times and totally focussed on you!

The Transition Triad

Ensuring that every athlete we work with experiences a successful transition is at the heart of everything we do at ACT. It's in our DNA!


This can't happen however unless both the athlete and the business partner fully buy-in to the concept that comprehensive 360 support is the most effect route to success and retention.


Therefore working in partnership with Ciklum, ACT will ensure that everything we do is centred around the successful transition of every athlete we work with, both from an holistic and career perspective.


Successful Transition

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ACT Transition Support

ACT's tailored transition support program is derived from experience. Each of our transitioning athletes are provided a critical support network, founded on a community of like-minded individuals who have also shared a similar journey.

Salient Athlete Themes (Informed by ACT case studies and most current academic literature)


To be covered with each athlete in fixed sessions;

  • Identity - evaluation/creation (on-going)

  • Meaning & Purpose - evaluation/creation (on-going)

  • Culture adaptation

  • Business/Role demands & resources

  • Transferable skills

  • Life goals - Business & Broader life

  • Support network

  • Networking plan

  • Lifestyle Management

  • Broader life development

  • Routine

  • Body image & health


All additional individual emergent athlete needs and wants will be fully supported


Exclusively for elite athletes

We pair with organisations that truly appreciate the athlete perspective. Our vacancies are exclusive only to elite, high-performance candidates. All roles have been specifically developed to provide athletes with the opportunity to utilise their personal athletic strengths within a corporate workplace culture.

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Learn More

Book your no-obligation call with ACT Co-Founder, Director and former Welsh International Rugby Player, Andy Moore.

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