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hire elite athletes &
enhance your talent

We are Athlete Career Transition, global leaders in the transition of elite athletes from sports to lasting corporate careers in some of the top companies across the world.

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april holmes

Team USA Paralympian

Gold Medallist

ACT Transitioned Athlete

steve moore

co-founder & ceo

Athlete Career Transition was created in 2010 through a combination of the career transition experiences of ACT’s Founders, retired Welsh International Rugby Union brothers, Andy and Steve Moore. Now that professional athletes, from all sports are retiring from their sporting lives with little knowledge or understanding of the skills they have built up over years of elite competition, ACT, in partnership with Sir Steve Redgrave, have developed a comprehensive transition program for athletes at all stages of their career and beyond. Enabling them to successfully transfer those skills into the most appropriate business environments for them.


Many elite professional athletes, enter this new phase of their life often with no qualifications, no experience and no guidance for the future. As a result, ACT completely focus on fully preparing elite athletes for their transition into life after sport delivering huge internal and external value to their business partners.

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Transitioned to EY

People Advisory Services

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“Since working with Athlete Career Transition I feel grateful for the opportunity, empowered and grounded in my new role”

Olympic Fencer

Team USA


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as seen on




Our internship programs allow employers and athletes flexible working opportunities.



Enhance your diversity recruitment efforts with our Paralympic program.



Hire the best of the best with our unique Olympic athlete program.

developed around your talent requirements

We truly understand that the talent requirements for each and every business is different. From entry-level associates through to technically skilled and leadership roles, each organisation we work with has a unique talent objective.


At ACT, we’re here to listen to your challenges and identify elite talent to help solve these problems. Our employer partners often find success through a branded athlete transition program which can be presented to the athlete community to enhance employer brand perceptions and attract cohorts of the world’s highest performers. Organisations such as EY and Equinix have found real success in such programs since 2016, having recruited gold-medal winning olympians through the development of such programs.


Alternatively, a role-by-role approach ensures you not only hire elite talent, you also recruit to the skills required within your organisation at the time. We are especially aware of the challenges organisations face when it comes to diversity.


Our team of specialist athlete recruiters will help identify prospective athletes to enhance diversity within your organisation.

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bespoke program development

We’re here to help you attract the world’s top talent, through an alternative, proven high-performing talent pipeline. Whichever challenges you’re looking to overcome by hiring elite athletes, we’ll create a program that’s bespoke to you.

diversity, inclusion
& belonging

At ACT, diversity, inclusion and belonging aren’t simply discussion points, they are the foundation of our business.


In 2011 we set out to break down the barriers of inequality, supporting elite athletes with little or no previous corporate work experience to transition and flourish in roles from which they would usually be rejected at the first hurdle.


Hundreds of success stories later, we’ve watched our employer partners reap the benefits of hiring elite, diverse talent, from a range of backgrounds, sporting disciplines and educational levels.


Our mission is simple; “Empower Athletes, Enhance Businesses”. And through unique search and selection techniques, we achieve exactly that

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Paralympic Volleyball Champion

Former US Army Sargeant

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We align our recruitment efforts with your corporate requirements. Diversity in the workplace stems down to far more than ability, gender and race, it allows for a greater awareness of cultural influence, a multifaceted viewpoint on key challenges and a conclusive range of leadership abilities to provide a competitive edge.


What’s more, our stats on diversity and inclusion in the workplace speak for themselves. 

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the high-performance

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What makes our talent program unique? We don't hire to tick diversity boxes, we hire distinct high-performers from the world of sport who bring with them a wealth of real-world experience, coupled with a diverse skillset, exceptional background and winning mindset.

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reasons for retained...

There are many benefits to retained search over contingent, this is why ACT operate on a retained model for maximum output.

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rio 2016 ey women's program

The EY 2016 Women’s Olympic Program was developed in partnership with ACT following a retained commitment.


Now a globally renowned career opportunity for the athlete community, this program has become a aspirational end-point for retiring olympians. Thanks to the efforts of ACT and the EY partnership team, Ey have now successfully hired over 25 female olympians across 14 countries, and the success of this program continues to grow as more olympic games take place.

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jaime komer

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Olympic Water Polo Player Olympic Silver Medallist Team USA 4 x All American 2 x World Champion 3 x NCAA Champion at UCLA

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transition support

The role of a Chief Transition Guide is to help athletes through the difficult transition from sport to a professional business career. Introducing Jaime Komer...


Jaime, a decorated goalkeeper for USA’s Water Polo team, is not only an Olympic Silver Medalist, two-time World Champion and four-time All-American; she is also a well-established health and wellness coach, empowerment and motivational speaker.


Jaime’s purpose is to redirect the conversation around mental wellbeing in sport and to remind athletes they are more than their achievements; they are human beings who are allowed to be vulnerable and real. With her guidance, athletes receive the emotional and physical support they need to successfully transition through this retirement, and face whatever their future holds.


At ACT, we care for the athletes because we once were the athletes. We understand the challenges faced, and as most athletes leaving professional sport also leave behind their support network, our purpose is to provide that support throughout the transition process.


We are the athlete’s team after sport.

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the transition experience

It’s easy to mis-understand the challenges that elite athletes face upon retirement, but much like military personnel, athletes are regimented, focussed, resourceful, used to routine and deliver their best each and every time. Our job is to help them take those fantastic qualities and apply them to the next phase of their careers within your organisation.


We’ve placed elite athletes into some of the world’s best employers all across the globe. From Gold-medal winning Olympians in Australia to NFL champions in the USA, there’s no challenge too great for the ACT team. With a database of over 17,000 elite athletes actively searching for their next opportunity, who will you choose to recruit?

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Below are some of the recent athletes who have transitioned into exciting roles through an Athlete Career Transition Program.

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the ey partnership

EY's objective from the relationship with ACT is to recruit high-performing female athletes into roles across the Globe, providing fruitful career opportunities that allow these athletes to learn and grow whilst also being given the opportunity to compete at the highest level should they wish to continue their sporting careers.

Diversity and equality sit at the heart of this program, with a focus on female olympians and paralympians.

Our results speak for themselves and EY have gained considerable employer brand credibility, positioning themselves are leading athlete employers with thanks to the ACT program.


Dan Black, Global Leader of Talent Attraction & Acquisition at EY explains why the partnership with ACT is so important.

OUR business partners

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next steps

Please click the calendar below to arrange a follow-up call with Steve Moore to discuss a partnership with ACT in further detail.

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