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an incredible athlete career opportunity...

Estée Lauder are keen to recruit diverse talent from the elite sporting world. With diversity and inclusion key attributes to their long-term success, Estée Lauder recognise that it is through a vibrant mix of experience and skill, that they are able to lead with innovation and integrity within the corporate beauty world.

ACT will work in partnership with Estée Lauder and selected athletes will benefit from the best training, mentoring and support possible from both parties.

As you look to transition from your elite sporting vocation, Estée Lauder offer an opportunity for future career pathways.

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about the estée lauder opportunity

We believe in the value of teamwork, recognition and work-life balance. TriNet champions excellence and we’re proud of our pay for performance culture. Here at TriNet, we invest in success and will help you grow. As well as offering a competitive compensation and a comprehensive benefits package, we provide thorough training and room to develop. By working together, we can achieve incredible.

Tom Myette, Director of Sales Development

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andy moore

act co-founder & director

Why estée lauder?

Estée Lauder, prestige beauty brand belonging to The Estée Lauder Companies, are an exciting and innovative established company with a recognised global presence. Estée Lauder’s core culture values are founded on diversity and thought of people and the brand actively looks to recruit based on individual strength, talent and skill. When you work with The Companies, you become a part of a global family that is caring, compassionate and committed to their success. Estée Lauder strives to support and encourage their workforce by building an inclusive and diverse culture that offers empowerment for person and professional development opportunities.

As a former elite athlete, we believe Estée Lauder could be an ideal place for the transition of your unique skillsets, fostering a passion for a new and exciting career path.

about estée lauder

Prestige beauty is a dynamic growth industry, and we are at the forefront, leading the way with a diverse portfolio of over 25 exceptional brands. Every day we help millions of people express their own beauty — recognising the diversity of the world we live in and celebrating the individuality of those we touch. You, too, can play a role in our global success.

The complexities and sophistication of our global business require the expertise and skills of a broad range of disciplines. We continue to thrive because of our strong strategy, our deep business acumen and our diverse mix of creative, curious and innovative people.

The value we place on cultivating future leaders is at the heart of our talent philosophy. We encourage continuous learning and experiential development, and we identify and harness the strengths of our talented employees — building on individual capabilities and opportunities for growth.



We recognise that Inclusion & Diversity are natural extensions of our Company values and must be fully embedded in our culture and our business strategy. With consumers in approximately 150 countries and territories, and 70 languages at the point of sale in the UK & Ireland, it is essential that we continue to have a diverse workforce that understands local relevance and the changing beauty needs of all our global consumers.

As the demographic profiles of both our employees and our global consumers shift and expand, we continue to embrace diversity and individuality in a way that allows all of our employees to feel valued and included.

To help ensure that our employees have a deep understanding of issues surrounding race and the workplace, Unconscious Bias training is mandatory for all employees across all levels, brands and functions.



Thrive in a world outside of sport. With various open vacancies, exclusively reserved for high-performing elite athletes, we believe that the secret to success is in attracting world-class talent.

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