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the ey Athlete career transition program

EY's objective from the relationship with ACT is to recruit high-performing female athletes into roles across the Globe, providing fruitful career opportunities that allow these athletes to learn and grow whilst also being given the opportunity to compete at the highest level should they wish to continue their sporting careers.

Diversity and equality sit at the heart of this program, with a focus on female olympians and paralympians.

Our results speak for themselves and EY have gained considerable employer brand credibility, positioning themselves are leading athlete employers with thanks to the ACT program.


Dan Black, Global Leader of Talent Attraction & Acquisition at EY explains why the partnership with ACT is so important.


Below we've highlighted just a few of the athletes we've placed at EY since 2013.



pilot contract


retained contract



extended contract


2020 - 2022

extended contract

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In 2013, ACT founders Andy and Steve Moore began working with EY on an athlete-by-athlete basis, focussing on Business Development and Audit roles for UK offices only. 



ACT propose a new concept to EY, the ‘Athlete Career Transition program’. This program would see cohorts of athletes from major sporting events fully supported through a 6-month internship before being selected for a full-time position with EY. This was to be a Global project focusing on female talent. The first major project being centered around the Rio 2016 Olympics. This was ACT’s first retained partnership contract with EY. 



ACT successfully transition multiple Rio 2016 Olympians from 7 countries into Global positions at EY. 



ACT entered into their third retained partnership agreement with EY and undertake a project with the British & Irish Lions.



ACT support EY in recruiting athletes from the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics and Women's Rugby World Cup 2018.


2020 - 2022

ACT undertake their biggest ever project with EY, recruiting athletes from the 2021 Tokyo Olympics with a greater Global remit, touching every continent.



Preparations are underway for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics


“Working closely with ACT on a Global basis has been an experience that has taught us a lot and helped us to view our talent and talent programs in a completely different light. In fact they have now become an integral ingredient of our 2020 talent vision.” 

nancy altobello

ey former global vice chair talent

rio 2016

Behind the scenes at the Rio Olympics in 2016 with the transitioning athletes.


the warrior queen

advisory staff - ey usa

Named after a 17th century Angolan warrior queen, American female foil fencer and bronze medallist, Nzingha Prescod, has been demonstrating to the world that success both in sports and business, is not defined nor limited by background, gender or race. Spoken like a modern-day warrior, during the opening shots of a short documentary made by the National Geographic in 2016, Nzingha states "I don't like to fight people; but you can't get by without fighting."


athlete interviews

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next steps

Please click the calendar below to arrange a follow-up call with Steve Moore to discuss a partnership with ACT in further detail.

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