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incredible opportunities for elite athletes...

Are you looking for your next challenge after sports? HSB offers a unique opportunity to transfer your skills from the field to the business world. As a leading specialty insurance provider, we are constantly seeking individuals who are driven, competitive, and able to excel in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. Our focus on innovation and technology means that we are always at the forefront of the industry, providing employees with access to cutting-edge tools and solutions.

Plus, as part of the Munich Re Group, we have the stability and resources of a global organization, offering limitless opportunities for growth and development. Don't let your competitive spirit go to waste, join HSB today and take on a new challenge!

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about the opportunity

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andy moore

act co-founder & director

Why HSB?

A career with HSB offers many opportunities for professional growth and development, as well as the chance to work with a diverse and talented team of individuals. With a focus on innovation and technology, HSB is a dynamic and exciting place to work, with a strong commitment to customer service and excellence.


Additionally, as part of the Munich Re Group, HSB has the resources and stability of a global organization, providing employees with access to a wide range of opportunities and career paths. If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career in the insurance industry, HSB is definitely worth considering.


about hsb

At HSB, you’ll find an employer that supports a challenging and varied work experience anchored by insurance and inspection, rich in opportunities in engineering and technology.

Financially stable, forward-looking, with a family feel, we have over 500 talented employees across the UK and Ireland who are focused on delivering exceptional technical expertise and quality customer service to our customers.

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Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it

michael jordan

training & development

The Underwriting apprenticeship offered by HSB will be delivered by Davies Group, a leading provider of insurance services and solutions. The program will provide a combination of off-the-job and on-the-job training, with Davies Group delivering the classroom-based learning and HSB providing on-the-job training.


Apprentices will learn from experienced senior underwriters, who will provide them with real-world experience and insights into the profession. This practical experience will enable them to develop their skills and gain the knowledge required to become competent underwriters. By offering a combination of classroom-based learning and on-the-job training, the apprenticeship program provides a well-rounded learning experience that equips apprentices with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the underwriting profession.

  • Who is the program for?
    Assistant underwriters work alongside underwriters and brokers to facilitate the drafting of insurance policies and documentation. The role requires the ability to analyse data compile complex information whilst adhering to regulatory controls and liaise with a range of stakeholders clients and internal and external colleagues. The program is aimed at those entering the insurance market and looking to take the first step in becoming a qualified underwriter.
  • How does Davies deliver?
    Our program is built around a professional apprenticeship for learning is wrapped around and incorporate daily work. This is supplemented by off the job development which on average account for six hours per week. Completed within paid time access to all of our training content is via our digital platforms, enabling 100% remote delivery, this incorporates, Virtual classroom, learning and workshops Online learning One-to-one coaching and support from industry practitioners Professional qualification support
  • What does the programme cover?
    This program will develop knowledge skills and behaviours and will provide people with awareness and capabilities required to accelerate a career in underwriting. Organisational vision, aims and objectives, stakeholder engagement data, compliance, IT products and services, risk indicators, underwriting limits. Technical ability, management of information and data, communication, compliance, team work, managing insurance risks, insurance and premium decisions. Drive to excel, personal accountability, innovation, professionalism.
  • Programme Details
    Level 3 Apprenticeship: Insurance Practitioner Professional Qualification CII cert in Insurance CII cert in Insurance London Markets Duration: 15 Months Funding Band: £8,000 Entry Requirements: To have the right to work in the UK To have lived in the UK continuously for the past 3 years At least a grade 4 / C in Maths or English GCSE To have passed the Davies aptitude test

Apprentice Underwriter

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diversity, inclusion & belonging

Our 2023–2025 mission is to embed diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) principles in the UK & Ireland employee experience and set DEI as a personal priority for all people leaders in the region.

We know that a diverse workforce is key for the future of the insurance industry to reduce risk, increase knowledge, support innovation, and improve overall performance. For many businesses in the UK & Ireland, growing their workforce and attracting new skills is directly linked to their business strategies. We believe that increasing diversity through recruitment requires two areas of focus: 1) creating a recruitment process that is debiased and inclusive, and 2) building a diverse, sustainable, and engaged pipeline of candidates to recruit from.

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Attract workforce diversity through inclusive recruitment

We know that a diverse workforce is key for the future of

the insurance industry to reduce risk, increase knowledge, support innovation, and improve overall performance. For many businesses in the UK & Ireland, growing their workforce and attracting new skills is directly linked to their business strategies. We believe that increasing diversity through recruitment requires two areas of focus: 1) creating a recruitment process that is debiased and inclusive, and 2) building a diverse, sustainable, and engaged pipeline of candidates to recruit from.

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Grow workplace equity

through inclusive sponsorship

Equity is often considered the “missing link” that can help organisations reap the benefits of diversity and inclusion. It is not enough to bring in more marginalised talent to increase diversity and implement tactics to ensure they feel included, genuine inclusion requires giving that talent equal opportunities to ascend to positions of influence where they can impact what, how, and why work is done and have their contributions rewarded with further opportunities to advance. Our aim is to widen access to sponsorship for marginalised talent as a mechanism for accomplishing this goal.

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inspire an inclusive culture

We believe inclusion is one of the most important skillsets of our time that can lead to better performance, development, and career success for all of our employees. Like all skillsets, it requires time, energy, and patience to develop. Therefore, our aim is to support all employees in developing this skillset through phased and sustainable learning opportunities

that lead to behavioural change. Given the importance of inclusion for future-proofing our business, we will also start to position inclusion as a core competency by which we

evaluate recruitment, development, and performance management decisions.


apprentice underwriter

At HSB, we believe that great work should be recognised and rewarded. The table below shows an illustration of the pay and benefits you receive or may be entitled to as an employee, and the value of those benefits.

core benefits

Annual Salary: £20,000

Group Annual Bonus Potential: £1,000

Pension Contribution: £2,600

Tax Free Broadband Allowance: £312

Benefits Total Value: £23,912

Click below to view the full detail on the list of benefits available to HSB employees.

additional benefits

Annual Leave & Buy / Sell Scheme

HSB Pension Scheme

Group Bonus

Agile Working

Professional Development

Professional Memberships

Cycle to Work Scheme

Employee Assistance Programme


Aviva Private Healthcare

Cigna Dental

Reward Gateway

Health & Wellbeing

Maternity, Paternity & Adoption Leave


leading to

underwriter level 1

HSB is offering underwriting apprenticeships to former elite athletes. Upon completing their training, the athletes will be qualified as an underwriter level 1. As an underwriter level 1, the post holder will provide administrative and underwriting support to the Segment team, which enables a highly efficient 'Customer First' service to all internal and external customers. The post holder will also contribute towards the achievement of profitable growth and revenue, manage a caseload in line with assigned authority level, pro-actively obtain underwriting surveys, develop and maintain effective trading relationships with customers, and attend relevant industry and market-specific events, among other responsibilities.


The apprenticeship program aims to provide former elite athletes with an opportunity to develop skills that are transferable to the underwriting profession, such as attention to detail, analytical skills, and the ability to work effectively as part of a team.


Thrive in a world outside of sport. With various open vacancies, exclusively reserved for high-performing elite athletes, we believe that the secret to success is in attracting world-class talent.


our videos

Check out our video feed to learn more about life at Boyle Sports.


what our athletes have to say

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ACT transitioned athletes

From sport to business, meet the inspiring athletes who have already set the stage for success.  Join an elite group of athletes who have already undergone this program.

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the transition experience

It's easy to mis-understand the challenges that elite athletes face upon retirement, but much like military personnel, athletes are regimented, focussed, resourceful, used to routine and deliver their best each and every time. Our job is to help them take those fantastic qualities and apply them to the next phase of their careers within your organisation.

transition support

Transition Support is a key element in the successful transition of every retiring professional athlete.


ACT work closely with all athletes placed with business partners to ensure the transition process is as smooth and painless as possible. There is no doubt that there will be many challenges along the way but together we will face them and together we will overcome them!


The ACT Transition support team work tirelessly in its pursuit of our athletes next passion and purpose away from sport. We are part of your new team that is here to listen, advise, guide, support and help every step of the way. 


With decades of practical, and lived experience, at our finger tips ACT are experts in transition support, support that is consistent, dependable, available at all times and totally focussed on you!


the transition triad

Ensuring that every athlete we work with experiences a successful transition is at the heart of everything we do at ACT. It's in our DNA!


This can't happen however unless both the athlete and the business partner fully buy-in to the concept that comprehensive 360 support is the most effect route to success and retention.


Therefore working in partnership with HSB, ACT will ensure that everything we do is centred around the successful transition of every athlete we work with, both from an holistic and career perspective.


Successful Transition

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ACT's tailored transition support program is derived from experience. Each of our transitioning athletes are provided a critical support network, founded on a community of like-minded individuals who have also shared a similar journey.

Salient Athlete Themes (Informed by ACT case studies and most current academic literature)


To be covered with each athlete in fixed sessions;

  • Identity - evaluation/creation (on-going)

  • Meaning & Purpose - evaluation/creation (on-going)

  • Culture adaptation

  • Business/Role demands & resources

  • Transferable skills

  • Life goals - Business & Broader life

  • Support network

  • Networking plan

  • Lifestyle Management

  • Broader life development

  • Routine

  • Body image & health


All additional individual emergent athlete needs and wants will be fully supported


Exclusively For Elite Athletes