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An ACT Internship is a short, paid work experience specifically for competing professional athletes. Athletes spend anywhere from a few days to a few months getting exposure to what it's like to work at a company and can be tailored to suit an athletes off-season schedule.


Depending where the athlete is in their athletic lifecycle will depend how long the athletes are looking to be in internships.

the benefits

The purpose of an ACT Internship is to give Athletes a special experience and exposure to a job, company, or industry. The opportunity is typically relatively short, and as Athletes are still being employed as athletes they don't always need to be paid.

This type of setup can be mutually beneficial for Athletes and employers. The Athlete gets meaningful work experience for their resume and the company gets the opportunity to develop a sustainable and alternative pipeline of talent from the professional sport world.

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Co-Founders Andy & Steve Moore discuss the benefits of hiring an elite athlete and the journey Athlete Career Transition take to ensure a perfect cultural fit.