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An ACT Internship is a short, paid work experience specifically for competing professional athletes. Athletes spend anywhere from a few days to a few months getting exposure to what it's like to work at a company and can be tailored to suit an athletes off-season schedule.


Depending where the athlete is in their athletic lifecycle will depend how long the athletes are looking to be in internships.

the benefits

The purpose of an ACT Internship is to give Athletes a special experience and exposure to a job, company, or industry. The opportunity is typically relatively short, and as Athletes are still being employed as athletes they don't always need to be paid.

This type of setup can be mutually beneficial for Athletes and employers. The Athlete gets meaningful work experience for their resume and the company gets the opportunity to develop a sustainable and alternative pipeline of talent from the professional sport world.

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Co-Founders Andy & Steve Moore discuss the benefits of hiring an elite athlete and the journey Athlete Career Transition take to ensure a perfect cultural fit.

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benefits for


Quick exposure to see if they like a job, career, industry, or company

Small time commitment and minimal investment

Ability to have multiple internships prior to retirement from sport to compare companies/environments

Potential to get a longer internship or full-time job later on

An experience they can include on their resume


benefits for


Exposure to a wide range of potential hires from the sports world in a short period of time

Can learn lessons, behaviours and attitudes of world class athletes.

Little or no financial cost to the company

Can be treated as an extended interview process

Increases company awareness in the athlete community and with sports associations

A great colleague and community engagement exercise

how it works

01. the positions


If you already have a description for the internship position you want to fill, please do not hesitate to send it to us directly by email at

If you haven't described the role yet, do not worry! You can send you idea for the internship in Send an offer section.

02. athlete identification


ACT will promote your internship offer specifically to the athletes registered in its database and broadcast it within its network of partner organisations.

We will then identify and carefully select athlete candidates to fit your company needs and requirements.

03. athlete presentations


ACT will send you an e-mail with: 

  • The CV(s) of the candidate(s) matching your expectations

  • A video interview interview for each candidate

04. athlete interviews & selection


You choose the candidates you want to interview and notify their name to ACT.
ACT will organize interviews (via Zoom or Teams) between you and the chosen candidates.

05. you decide


After interviewing a candidate, you are free to decide whether you want to accept the athlete candidate or not. 

06. follow up


ACT will follow up on the conduct, integration and progress of the chosen intern. Then see it the and the company would like to plan in a future extended internship or discuss a full time role and timing of such role.


the options

There are three primary types of internship that we offer at ACT, however we can develop a program to suit the requirements of your business.




The internship will require the Athlete to work over a number of months, gaining valuable experience working in your organisation.

An externship will provide athletes hands-on experience working alongside your teams.

A micro-internship allows both the employers and athletes flexibility in working over short periods, perhaps just a few days or weeks.


Below we've listed just a few athletes who have successfully transitioned through the ACT Internship Program.


If you're interested in learning more about the Athlete Internship Program, book a call with ACT Co-Founder and CEO, Steve Moore.

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