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Overcoming daily challenges is second-nature to paralympic athletes. What makes them so unique is their ability defy the odds, rise to the challenge and adapt to turn their disability into a super-human force.

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Have you ever considered how a paralympic program could transform your talent pool?

With countless organisations across the globe being heavily penalised for a lack of diversity, specifically that of disabled individuals, why not consider developing a tried, tested and trusted method of hiring some of the worlds highest-performers, through ACT's Paralympic Program.

From gold medal winners to world record breakers, our specialist team of paralympic recruiters work alongside the international paralympic committee to hand-pick the best athletes available.

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Over 43% of all athletes placed were from Black, Asian or Minority Groups



96% of our athletes remain in position for at least 18 months after being placed


We align our recruitment efforts with your corporate requirements. Diversity in the workplace stems down to far more than ability, gender and race, it allows for a greater awareness of cultural influence, a multifaceted viewpoint on key challenges and a conclusive range of leadership abilities to provide a competitive edge.


What's more, our stats on diversity and inclusion in the workplace speak for themselves. 

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with ACT

kari miller


Paralympic Volleyball Champion

Former US Army Sergeant

At ACT, diversity, inclusion and belonging aren't simply discussion points, they are the foundation of our business.


In 2011 we set out to break down the barriers of inequality, supporting elite athletes with little or no previous corporate work experience to transition and flourish in roles from which they would usually be rejected at the first hurdle.


Hundreds of success stories later, we've watched our employer partners reap the benefits of hiring elite, diverse talent, from a range of backgrounds, sporting disciplines and educational levels.


Our mission is simple; "Empower Athletes, Enhance Businesses". And through unique search and selection techniques, we achieve exactly that.

Watch Kari's story

Gold Medal Winner


Below we've listed just a few paralympians who have successfully transitioned through the ACT Program.


If you're interested in learning more about the ACT Paralympic Program, book a call with ACT Co-Founder and CEO, Steve Moore.

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