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ACT Announces partnership with Avanade - a global leader in Microsoft technology innovation

Athlete Career Transition (ACT) will work with Avanade, the leading Microsoft solutions provider, to offer elite athletes career opportunities in key roles across its business.

The partnership allows elite athletes to draw upon their experiences in sport and join 56,000+ professionals who are passionate about innovating with purpose in an environment where each person is embraced for their unique perspectives and capabilities.

Avanade will provide athletes with opportunities within its Advisory team, leveraging their own unique skills to solve its clients' biggest challenges, today and tomorrow, and deliver real impact using the power the Microsoft platform.

Avanade's vision is to advance the world through the power of people and Microsoft. Through this initial six-month program, elite Athletes will have the opportunity to demonstrate how their skills and experiences seamlessly transition to the corporate world, powering innovation and new ways of working.

"The dedication that athletes show for their sport mirrors that of all Avanade employees who are committed to innovating with passion, making them perfect candidates to join Avanade," said Jillian Moore, Global Advisory Lead at Avanade. "An athlete's competitive mindset will provide fuel for innovation and creativity, whilst their perseverance to always do better will be invaluable to us as we embrace continual change to problem solve with our clients and deliver with excellence. We're proud to partner with ACT and show that with the right mentality and working environment, anyone can have a successful and rewarding career in tech."

ACT Co-Founder and Director Steve Moore said of the partnership: "We are thrilled to assist Avanade with recruiting top talent and offering elite athletes an opportunity to demonstrate their impressive resumes beyond sport. For the past decade we have collaborated with organisations and athletes to find the perfect matches, and we truly believe that these opportunities with Avanade will allow them to shine."

View the opportunities available with Avanade by clicking below.


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