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Athlete Career Transition partners with Estèe Lauder Companies

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Athlete Career Transition (ACT) has joined forces with Estèe Lauder Companies to give former athletes career opportunities after professional sport.

The partnership will give selected athletes the training, mentorship and support they need to thrive in one of the corporate beauty world's most prestigious companies.

US-based recruitment is currently focused on Blaine MN, Bristol PA, and Melville NY, and comes amid Estèe Lauder Companies' drive to attract diverse talent from the world of top-flight athletics.

Estèe Lauder Companies

At the forefront of the prestige beauty industry, Estèe Lauder Companies' portfolio of over 25 exceptional brands enables millions of people around the world to celebrate their individuality and express their beauty.

The complexities and sophistication of the global business require expertise and skills across a broad range of disciplines. The brand thrives because of its strong strategy, deep business acumen and multifaceted mix of creative, curious and innovative people.

ACT athletes recruited by Estèe Lauder Companies include:

Vladimir Ducasse

A former NFL star, Vladmir Ducasse played for New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears, Baltimore Ravens and Buffalo Bills in the National Football League.

Vladimir holds an Executive MBA from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business and a BA in African-American/Black Studies from UMASS. He is now a Distribution Supervisor with Estèe Lauder Companies.

Vladimir Ducasse said:

"I'm very happy to be working at Estèe Lauder Companies, and to be using the many strengths I developed through pro sport. Now I've fully moved away from football, I'm fully focused on applying my knowledge and experiences to success in corporate settings.

"Athlete Career Transition have made the difference to my transition from sport into business, and have given me the guidance I need to line up my second career."

ACT co-director Andy Moore, said:

"Estèe Lauder Companies understand that diversity of talent is fundamental to long-term growth, which is why they are recruiting from the elite sporting world through Athlete Career Transition.

"Athletes bring a blend of integrity, experience and skill that inspires and galvanises teams.

"We look forward to helping many more athletes transition out of sport so that they can discover the fantastic career opportunities available at Estèe Lauder Companies."

Athlete Career Transition works alongside global organisations to successfully transition former professional athletes into business.


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