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Athlete Career Transition Teams Up with Equinix

Today, Athlete Career Transition (ACT) announces a new collaboration with Equinix, the world's leading interconnection and data centre company. ACT will work closely with Equinix to on-board former elite athletes from sporting disciplines such as NFL, MLS, Olympics, Paralympics and more, into new roles within the company. Equinix has committed to recruit athletes, providing global career opportunities across various departments, including sales, support and recruitment.

Founded in 2010, ACT works to connect organisations with elite athletes from around the globe, and have developed their own comprehensive transition program for athletes retiring from sport. Through their recent work with Equinix, ACT will ensure that selected athletes will have the right support infrastructure in place to transition successfully into their new roles within the high-performing corporate workplace.

Steve Moore, Co-Founder and Director at ACT commented; "We're very excited for the opportunity to collaborate with Equinix. By working together, we will be able to successfully transition former elite athletes into new, challenging and exciting roles within the organisation. It's always refreshing to work with companies who see real value in hiring elite sporting talent, and Equinix, through their commitment to the program, have demonstrated exactly that." Equinix, Inc. is headquarted in Redwood City, California, and specailises in Internet connection and data centers. Equinix has invested more than $28 billion since its founding to build its data centre platform, and now has over 210 data centres in 26 countries spanning five continents. The firm refers to its data centres as International Business Exchanges (IBXs) to emphasise the collaboration and data exchange they enable.

Figures for the company's second quarter of 2020, revealed an incredible 70 consecutive quarter of revenue growth. Equinix's key partners include AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Cisco, and key customers include Zoom, Red Bee and London Stock Exchange. Customer deployements across multiple metros made up for 87% of total recurring revenues in Q2, demonstrating the value of the Equinix global platform, and in 2020, Equinix reported a global headcount of approximately 8,000 employees.

Mike Campbell, Chief Sales Officer of Equinix Inc. commented "When we are looking for people to join Team Equinix, we seek candidates who are hardworking, passionate and confident they can persevere through any challenge. There are no better candidates to fit that description than the athletes participating in the ACT program. We are proud and excited to partner with ACT and bring these dedicated athletes with different backgrounds into our workforce. We all look forward to the great results they will drive in the future."

Athlete Career Transition works alongside global organisations to successfully transition professional former athletes across all disciplines, into the corporate landscape. To learn more, please visit

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