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Athlete Testimonial: Josh Calderon.

Former professional athlete, Josh Calderon played soccer for four years at collegiate level, appeared for a number of clubs in Colombia, and represented Puerto Rico on the international stage.

Josh graduated Iona University with a degree in Finance in 2018, and four years later took the decision to retire from sport. He then gained valuable industry experience, working as an Executive Financial Officer at Dorsey College, Connecticut.


Aiming to take his career further, Josh teamed up with Athlete Career Transition (ACT) which specialises in helping former athletes to transition from sport into business. It was the right move.


Josh was given the support he needed before being connected with consumer health multinational Haleon. In October 2022, he became a Territory Business Manager at Haleon, overseeing the firm’s Greenwich to Manhattan territory.


“I couldn’t be happier”, Josh reflects in a recent interview with ACT [LINK]. “I’ve found just what I was looking for.”


Below, Josh sheds light on the significance of ACT’s guidance in his career transition:


“I think, first and foremost, it's been great to continue to work with people who know what your experiences are like, and then being able to be a part of this group of Olympic athletes. As such, it’s been fantastic to be part of the ACT this community.


“To end my career as an athlete, and then continue being associated with other great athletes is something that really validates what you’re going through. It’s huge to be surrounded by other high-calibre people who know the path you’ve trodden.


“Andy and Steve really guided me; they made sure the job I was going for was the right fit and ensured I was truly ready for the role, giving me additional resources to help me prepare.


“It’s been about receiving that overall support from individuals who have been on the same journey – that’s the really important aspect. I’ve been made to feel part of the ACT family and been offered high-level opportunities at different multinational organisations.”


Athlete Career Transition Co-Director, Andy Moore, said:


“It was fantastic to work with Josh. He’s an incredibly talented and versatile professional, and this is reflected in both his achievements in soccer and in academia.


“ACT has a global network of high-calibre business partners, and this has been instrumental in helping Josh to take his career to the next level.


“In Haleon, Josh is part of a very supportive corporate environment where he can leverage and build upon the broad skillset he developed as an athlete. He’s thriving in his new role and we look forward to hearing of his continued successes in his second career.”


You can read the full ACT interview with Josh Calderon here. 


If you’re an athlete aiming to transition from sport into a second career, discover what Athlete Career Transition can do for you.



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