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Beat Blue Monday with Athlete Career Transition

The third Monday in January has become famed for being the gloomiest day of the year, and for good reason.

Many of us feel out of pocket and out of shape after the festive period, while dark, cold weather conditions can put the anchors on New Year’s resolutions despite our best intentions.

This point on the calendar can weigh especially heavily on athletes retiring from professional sport. Without the structures of elite training and competition, direction can be hard to find.

Here at Athlete Career Transition, we specialise in helping athletes make that critical transition out of sport and into successful second careers in business. Enabling can-do attitudes and action is intrinsic to our work.

Searching for positive headspace this Blue Monday? Check out our top five tips below.

You time

Wellbeing should be a top priority, so make time for pursuits that nurture body and soul. Simple things such as light outdoors activity, taking a relaxing bath or reading a book are natural ways to slow down and allow the mind to breathe.

Stay active

Exercise releases endorphins – natural mood-lifters that help to boost energy levels, while reducing tension and anxiety.

If a gym session isn’t possible, try to move about during your day. You could start your morning with 20 minutes of stretching or even a short yoga routine; maybe commit to heading out of the office for lunch with friends or colleagues. Stay mobile to get motivated!

Reach out

Social connections are fundamental for our mental health, so try to put yourself in situations where you need to interact with others. Friends and family are crucial here – people you trust, with whom you can talk about issues of any size. Communicating helps you to break down problems and gain clarity on the bigger picture.

Plan for the future

Setting goals and planning how to achieve them creates purpose; it will give you something to invest yourself in and look forward to.

Write down two or three achievable goals – they might be as small as making a phone call or linking with a person that can help you get the ball rolling. Ticking off objectives builds the momentum you need to go places.

Practice gratitude

Taking time to reflect on the matters you're grateful for helps to shift into a positive mindset, steadily improving your overall outlook.

Make a habit of writing down three things you appreciate each day; you will realise that there’s so much to be thankful for, even when times seem toughest.

Remember that anyone in any stage of life can feel down, especially during the winter. By implementing these tips, you can use Blue Monday to begin your journey to a fantastic 2023.


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