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Beginner's Mindset

Cast your mind back to the beginning of your sporting career. Remember how curious you were about the sport? Remember how thrilling and exciting it was to learn, without holding yourself to extremely high expectations? When sport was nothing but something new, something we had grace with ourselves while learning. That is the beginner’s mindset; “taking something on with the perspective of fresh eyes” as our Chief Transition Guide, Jaime Komer, perfectly describes it, and it applies to starting anew in the corporate world, too.

As a practice for increasing self-compassion and mindfulness, the beginner’s mindset is full of empathy, curiosity, experimentation and joy. We allow ourselves to explore the task at hand, fully accepting that we’ll make some mistakes along the way, but understanding that it’s part of the learning curve. We aren’t holding ourselves to unrealistic expectations or even high goals- we are simply beginning.

While we master our sport, our personal expectations grow higher and higher, and so do those of our coaches, teammates, family, friends, and fans. It’s all part of being the best. We strive to meet and beat those expectations, working hard and training harder to better ourselves every day.

When athletes transition from sport into a new career, the view tends to be that we’re starting over, completely from scratch. However, that’s simply not the case. As athletes, we have so many morals and values instilled in us from our sporting careers; think about the determination, time management, communication and teamwork skills! We are so much more than what we have to offer in our sport, equipped with valuable skills that give us a solid foundation to truly excel in the business world.

Imagine if you had the beginner’s mindset when embarking on a new career; curious about this new world, experimenting with the skills you already possess and seeing how they translate into your career, and allowing yourself to make mistakes. Rather than starting over, you’re adding on.

Here at ACT, we recognize the people behind the athletes, and have made it our mission to trailblaze for them in the working world, helping our business partners recognize the potential that former athletes possess. With the right direction, the right training, and the right job opportunity, these transitioned athletes can excel, lead and truly thrive in whatever career path they choose.

Starting with accepting the beginner's mindset, redefining your definition of happiness and success, and navigating the beginning of your business career; our team at ACT is built to holistically support your transition.

We care because we have been exactly where you are. If you’re ready to apply this beginner’s mindset to your journey through transition, join our athlete talent pool today. By doing so, you’ll join a community of transitioned athletes who understand where you’re at, and you’ll be open to endless opportunities specifically for athletes entering the business world with companies who value the human behind the athlete.

Trust us, you won’t regret it.


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