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Discover your career after pro sport with the ACT Talent Pool.

If you’re a former athlete searching for a new career after sport, then join the Athlete Career Transition (ACT) Talent Pool today!

The ACT Talent Pool is part of a global network of career opportunities – a place where you can leverage your skills as a high-level performer.


Join A Winning Team

As former athletes, we understand the challenges of transitioning from sports to a new career. From the moment you sign up to landing your dream job, ACT offers the support, skill enhancement, and mentoring needed to take your next steps with confidence.


We help you identify and refine the talents that you developed during your sports career, ensuring a smooth and successful transition into the business world.

Exclusive Opportunities Tailored to You

Our employer partners offer roles exclusively to elite athletes. You’ll compete with peers who share similar backgrounds, not against individuals with years of sector-specific experience.


Our roles are supported and full training is provided. From positions within Customer Service and Sales through to Marketing, Operations, and Finance, we secure outstanding opportunities for retiring elite athletes.


Best of all, our services are entirely free.


Don't wait any longer – join the ACT Talent Pool today and launch your career beyond professional sports!



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