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Paralympian Kari Miller-Ortiz secures new role as Senior Recruiter

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Reigning Paralympic volleyball champion, Kari Miller-Ortiz, joins leading health service provider, following rollout of a pilot programme in collaboration with leading athlete transition specialists, Athlete Career Transition (ACT).

Committed to placing top talent from the world of sport into corporate roles across the globe, Athlete Career Transition (ACT) recently secured another athlete placement and is confident of a successful and prosperous transition. A global leading provider of worldwide health and human services welcomed former Paralympic, Kari Miller-Ortiz, to the company on 5th October 2020, where she became responsible for the role of Senior Recruiter.

Kari’s new career at the American outsourcing company, focused on delivering innovative and impactful health service programmes globally, will include promoting the hiring of employees under specific protected classes, alongside identifying and cultivating relationships with local and national organisations.

Degree educated in biology, with over 10 years’ experience in project management, public relations and marketing, Kari has been matched to the role by career specialists, ACT, following a series of complex profiling steps including interviews and psychometric testing.

Having served in the US Army, 199th Transportation Battalion as a transportation management coordinator, Kari’s unique skillsets will position her well for her new role. Kari’s introduction to the company is not only a demonstration of the work ethic and morale responsibility at the leading global organisation, but also a welcome opportunity for the former elite athlete to prosper within a role that has been perfectly matched to her unique set of individual abilities and talents.

This is an exciting time for the world-recognised firm, as they look to source and recruit further athletic talent to support their mission to strengthen communities with critical health and human services globally. With an impressive database of over 30,000 employees and an average annual revenue of $2.4 billion, the established organisation is the international leader of government services.

Steve Moore, Co-founder at ACT, is passionate about the company’s latest partnership, and believes the athletes they will transition into the workforce will bring with them key competencies and characteristics to support future growth:

“We’re excited to be working so closely with our new partner, and we are incredibly optimistic about the potential success of our latest pilot programme. We have taken the time to carefully select the candidates we have put forward for recruitment, and believe we have chosen elite athletes who are not just talented and exceptionally skilled, but also an excellent cultural fit for our partnered employers. This is an exciting time for ACT as we continue to develop innovative ways for former elite athletes to transition successfully into the corporate workforce. We are confident that our latest partnership will benefit both the company and the elite athletes we look forward to placing within the company.”

Ex-forces Army Veteran, Kari, is the first athlete to transition to the company as part of this new agreement and is excited about the opportunity to join one of the largest, and most renowned global enterprises:

“I’m excited by having the ability to help someone else to better improve their situation and I’m also looking forward to the opportunities to travel, meet new people and see new things.”

As Kari settles into her new role and begins to learn more about the firm, their work ethic and company values, ACT will support both athlete and employer with their specialist athlete transition programme, ensuring that the transition is successful and prosperous for all involved.

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