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Six reasons why having an athlete as part of your team is a winning strategy

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

When we see athletes perform at the highest level, their determination, focus and drive; it’s astonishing to think of the work that’s gone into getting them to that moment. The discipline, commitment, aggression, competitiveness, time management among so many other winning traits.

Mastering all these characteristics and channeling them into their individual sport to ensure they reach the highest competitive level. These characteristics aren’t things that disappear because an athlete has decided to retire from the professional sport

Mastering all these characteristics and channeling them into their individual sport to ensure they reach the highest competitive level. These characteristics aren’t things that disappear because an athlete has decided to retire from the professional sport.

As an employer, you will naturally look for the highest performer during the recruitment process; somebody who will always deliver. A person with real drive, who’s hardworking and can achieve anything they set their minds to. Who better than an elite athlete?

If you’re looking to build a business with self-motivated team members who have all the key characteristics you need as part of your dream team, then hiring an elite athlete is the ultimate addition.

Here are six reasons why hiring athletes might just be the ticket to taking your business to the next level.

1. They know the true meaning of teamwork

Almost every athlete that’s had the opportunity to play team sport has had to learn how to work as part of a team to achieve a common goal. Some would say they have a natural leadership quality, not only will they strive to better themselves for the success of the team but will provide colleagues with necessary support and encouragement to ensure they work through the challenges together and emerge victorious.

Athletes truly understand how the group works and will make adjustments in their position to ensure that the company’s ever-changing needs are met and according to Payton Manning, a two-time Super Bowl champion: “the most valuable player is the one that makes the most players valuable.”

2. It’s all about time management

Athletes learn over time to create the perfect balance between their work, press schedules, training, personal life and even school for those that grew up playing sport. Juggling all of this can be a struggle for a non-athlete but what athletes do well is create a balance to ensure this will directly translate into success. Having the ability to manage time as an athlete means as a company you will never have to worry about the job they have been tasked to do. Their positive mind frame will ensure that they get everything done that you need.

3. Failure is not an option

Michael Jordan once said: “Obstacles don’t have to stop you, if you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up, figure out how to climb it, go through it or work around it.”

Not every athlete will have experienced a victory, they will have gone through stages in their career and fallen at certain hurdles, but their tenacity and determination will bring them back up every single time. A true testament in every athlete is that we will see them game after game playing with the same zeal and passion, making sure the mistakes they made the first time will be the only time. These mistakes are the foundation of their character which they continue to build and not break, their experience of getting over those hurdles is what will help them provide new strategies to improve upon to make your company the best it can be.

4. Communication is key

Strong communication is the key to success for every athlete, especially when they are part of a team. An athlete needs to be able to relay vital information and communicate with their team so that everyone has the best understanding of what needs to be done and more importantly how it needs to be done. For example, a captain of a team needs to be able to communicate the winning strategy to their team mates if they are to win. To them it’s about finding the right way to communicate so that everyone understands their role, for an athlete it will always be the most efficient way. You can be sure that as an entrepreneur, when you hire such a person, communication is something which will be second nature to them.

5. They have their eye on the goal

A common goal for all athletes is winning. Whether it’s winning a championship or reclaiming it, they will set their goal to win and more often than not, win they will. It’s in the DNA of athletes to be successful.

That DNA bodes strong in all elite athletes; those who are at the top of their game focus their mind on that one goal of ultimately being the best version of themselves. They are driven to achieve their goal and that focus remains in any challenge they may face. In this highly competitive business world, every employer will strive to be the best and set out their company goals. Athletes can only add to that mentality as sport has given them the mindset which will guarantee your goals will be achieved.

6. They will adapt to their surroundings

One thing many athletes have also mastered is adaptability, having the skills to change a losing game to winning one in a short time. They may spot mistakes and quickly change their strategy to a more favorable one, adapting their plan quickly to emerge victorious.

This bodes well when deadlines in the work place change, athletes will remain focused and calm to find the best solution to overcome a sudden change in their plan. Athletes will strengthen any company with their ability to adapt, they will take on any challenge and ensure every obstacle is defeated no matter what. They are not easily phased by change.

If you’re looking to build a better workplace, achieve your goals and strengthen your workforce then look no further than ACT and its Athlete Career Transition programme.


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