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Why ‘failure-fear’ shouldn’t hold you back

It’s inevitable that each of us will experience fear at some point in our lives and the fear of failure is the one we’re most likely to resonate with. We aren’t born with fear, however, it is an emotion that becomes familiar to us through the experience of life. As we age, as we progress through the stages of our lives, fear is an impossible emotion to avoid because naturally, at some point – we must fail before we succeed. It is all part of the learning curve we embark on throughout our life journey and yet still, it is not uncommon practice to choose to avoid it. We buy into the misconception that by avoiding our fears, we are protecting ourselves but the reality here is, we’re only limiting ourselves from reaching our highest potential. Avoiding failure hypnotises us into staying where we are, never pushing beyond what we know we’re already good at, but it robs us of the opportunity to explore life beyond an unnecessary safety net.