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Unearth the uniqueness that is Athlete Career Transition - a passionate team of former sportsmen which champions professional athletes, guiding them into the beginnings of a career in the corporate world. 

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Empowering athletes. Empowering businesses.


Athlete Career Transition (ACT) was created in 2010 through a combination of the career transition experiences of ACT’s founders, retired Welsh International Rugby Union brothers, Andy and Steve Moore. It is relatively well-known the struggles athletes experience with life after competing. A life of dedication and sacrifice can often be disregarded by the regular employer.


As former sportsmen, Andy and Steve recognised how athletes’ coveted experiences and acquired life skills could add enormous value to businesses. And so ACT fills this void - a platform to champion such athletic talent and guide them through their journeys into the corporate world. 

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Our Story.

It was a charity climb to Mount Kilimanjaro with 15 former Welsh captains and Warren Gatland that was the lightbulb moment for Andy. Throughout the enduring climb, the various stories and journeys the former athletes shared resonated with Andy - he understood firsthand the challenges faced by retiring or retired sportspeople yet there was no support system to help these talented individuals transition into the next phase of their lives.


It was here, in the depths of Kenya, that the inspiration for the creation of ACT was founded - an entrepreneurial idea with the ultimate goal of helping other athletes successfully transition from sport to business. Andy knew that businesses wanted to engage with athletes but just didn’t know how - ACT solves this problem, a business which now presents sporting talent to the likes of worldwide corporations including EY, Equinix, Alliance Bernstein and Maximus

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How we help.

Professional athletes are retiring from their sporting lives all the time with little knowledge or understanding of the skills they have built up over years of elite competition; many professional athletes enter this new phase of their lives often with little knowledge of the kinds of careers available to them with the diverse skillset they have developed. ACT works with the best companies in the world who are committed to providing the right environments for athletes to learn, develop and succeed in their new career.


As a result, ACT has developed a comprehensive transition programme for athletes at all stages of their career, enabling them to successfully transfer those skills into the most appropriate business environments. The earlier an athlete prepares for ‘Life after Sport’ the smoother the transition is likely to be. Additionally, ACT passionately believes that it’s never too late for an athlete to work on their transition, and have guided athletes at all stages of their sports career.


"We combine the most current and relevant research from sport, business and psychology with real life athlete case studies to inform and shape the ACT Transition Support programme,” says Andy.


ACT focuses on fully preparing elite athletes for their transition into life after sport, delivering comprehensive internal and external value to their business partners. 


Our Athletes.

A highlight of some of our high performers. 

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Gold-winning Paralympian transitioned to Learning & Development at leading professional services firm

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WhatsApp Image 2020-07-02 at 15.19.38 (1



Medal-winning Olympic fencer transitioned to Advisory Consultant at leading professional services firm

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NFL champion transitioned to a leading asset management firm

USA Icon.png


Paralympic pistol shooter transitioned to a leading professional services firm

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Jillion potter

Olympic women's rugby sevens team captain and cancer survivor transitioned to professional services firm

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kari miller

Paralympic volleyball player transitioned to global outsourcing company

Netherlands Icon.png

anna jochemsen

Elite Paralympic alpine skier transitioned to specialist data analysis role at a leading professional services firm

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British Lions and Wales Rugby Captain transitioned to television broadcasting company

The Team.

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Ben one.jpg

Andy moore

Director & co-founder

Andy enjoyed 10 years as an international professional rugby player and has experienced the transition from captain of the Wales rugby team to a respected leader in business.


He now leverages his extensive list of contacts and 25 years’ experience in sport and business to create real, long-term value to organisations by matching and integrating retired elite athletes into top businesses.


“The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.”


Andy is responsible for talent hunting, selection and profiling of appropriate athletes and works closely with the ACT research and advisory team. 

• The beginnings of ACT

• The challenges athletes face after retirement

• Mastering the athlete transition process

• The dynamics of working with family

• How Tokyo 2021 will look in response to COVID-19  

  • ACT’s fight to give mother’s a voice in the workplace 

topics for discussion

Steve moore

Director & co-founder

After retiring from a 12-year professional sports career as a rugby union International, Steve became a successful entrepreneur working predominantly in the e-commerce and sportswear space and also created his own sportswear brand, working successfully across the EMEA region in particular. 


In 2011 however, Steve decided on a change in direction, and together with his brother Andy, founded Athlete Career Transition (ACT) with the intention of building a ground-breaking career transition program for retiring elite athletes. Steve is passionate about creating the smoothest transition possible from sport into business for today’s elite athletes, and is responsible for overseeing the development of ACT’s business relationships ensuring that the environment ACT places athletes in is as inclusive and supportive as possible. 


He works closely with both athletes and business partners ensuring that the career development programs that ACT creates are structured, meaningful and valuable for both the athlete and the business partner.

• The importance of being agile in business

• The development of the ACT programme

• Managing the impact of COVID-19 on business

• A clients’ perspective on what dynamics athletes bring to the business

• Championing equality and diversity within the workplace 

topics for discussion

ben paszkowec

performance psychologist

After a career in professional and semi-professional football, Ben is now a performance psychologist, and has worked with a range of athletes, coaches and teams from international and professional sports supporting performance, well-being and personal development.


Driven by his own challenging experience of the transition from elite sport, Ben gained a BSc in Sport Science and a Master’s in Sport Psychology, focusing all of his research into the transitional experiences and outcomes of elite level and professional athletes.


Extremely passionate about athlete’s lives beyond sport and the outstanding potential and qualities they possess, Ben is responsible for managing ACT’s Transition Support Programme. He works closely with each athlete before and throughout the process to ensure a safe and smooth transition into the business environment, and within their broader lives. 

• Understanding an athlete’s mindset

• Ways to avoid post-competing anxiety

• How to prepare for life after competing - what athletes should be doing now

• How COVID has effected the athletes gearing up for the Tokyo Olympics

• Athlete’s top transferrable skills for businesses 

topics for discussion

Brand Pack.

Interested in sharing our story? Download assets and further info here.

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Case Studies.

Discover what our elite athletes and global business clients have to say about our unique Athlete Career Transition programme. 

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“A lot of other companies say that they value gender equality and they say that they value striving for excellence, but they don’t do anything differently and they don’t think outside the sphere of how athletes can actually make a difference. That’s what I love, is this forward thinking and taking a little bit of a risk but one that we are so incredibly grateful for, the excellent opportunities that has given us. So, I think having that ability to think outside the square is definitely something that has drawn me to EY.” 




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