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We offer an important advisory service to those who have a direct responsibility for duty of care and transition, either through employment, or as a programme, service, or education deliverer.

This includes;

• Professional Sports Clubs / Teams

• Professional Leagues

• Professional Players Unions or Association

• Professional Workforce Associations

• Chartered Bodies, or license to practice schemes

• Individual Universities or Colleges*

• County Sport Partnerships

• Sports / Player Management Agencies.

• Sporting Charities

* (including individual sports performance programmes)


Grace Luczak - Olympic Rower & Record Holder for the Women's Eight

How do you feel that the ACT program will be different to other people who will be making transition?

This program is really helpful because it being a combination of being able to work with people who are experienced, who have also been athletes themselves. They would understand where they are coming from and then it’s like fitting in together with a great company. That’s a good facet, it’s all about being good for you and good for the company that you work for. You know that you are going into a situation where they want someone like you and your skills. And I am really so excited to be a part of it.

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