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athlete career opportunities

WarnerMedia is looking for diverse talent from professional sport, offering a variety of opportunities to grow a career in the Media World. ACT are powering the selection, profiling and transition process to ensure success.


Selected athletes will benefit from the best training, mentoring, and support possible from both WarnerMedia and ACT.

Following your prestigious sporting, academic, and business career we feel you could be a great fit for WarnerMedia.

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Why warnermedia?

Why ACT recommend a new career with WarnerMedia for former athletes.

WarnerMedia, recognise the power that their iconic entertainment, news and sports brands have to tell compelling stories that matter across the globe. They believe in authentic, meaningful connection—to each other, their culture and to the consumers. They believe that diversity of voices, perspectives and experience are critical to to their business, their content and spirit of innovation. When you work at WarnerMedia, you’re joining a passionate team, where empowered creative talent and partners are given the freedom, support and opportunity for lasting cultural impact. They believe the future of media is ours to define. With these cultures and values we feel WarnerMedia is a place where you as a former athlete, can shape your next story.

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andy moore

act co-founder & director

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about warnermedia

WarnerMedia is a powerful portfolio of iconic entertainment, news, and sports brands. We bring people, technology, and the world's best storytellers together to drive culture and meaningful connection.

At WarnerMedia we empower fearless storytellers who bring our world into focus-and create cultural touchstones with the power to draw us together.

We believe fans and brands deserve more relevant, engaging advertising experiences. That's why across our iconic portfolio, we're tapping an unrivaled mix of data, insights, and technology to build smarter, more meaningful ways for brands to connect.

We believe creative talent and partners deserve freedom, support, and more opportunities for lasting cultural impact. That's why we provide the widest canvas of premium brands, platforms, and formats for their stories to shine and break through.

diversity & inclusion

WarnerMedia is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, as moral and business imperatives. It is essential that our workforce, content and creative partners reflect the diversity of our society and the world around us. Together, with other production companies, networks, guilds, unions, talent agencies and others in the industry, we all must ensure there is greater inclusion of women, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, those with disabilities and other underrepresented groups in greater numbers both in front of and behind the camera. In September 2018, WarnerMedia announced a Production Diversity Policy which included the commitment to report on our diversity and inclusion efforts annually. We are committed to preserving a culture of opportunity, inclusion and respect. At all levels of the company, we hold ourselves accountable through a performance management process that includes how we (individually and collectively) perform in the area of diversity and inclusion. 



We believe in authentic, meaningful connection-to each other, our culture and to our consumer. We believe diversity of voices, perspectives and experience is critical to our business, our content and our spirit of innovation.


Thrive in a world outside of sport. With various open vacancies, exclusively reserved for high-performing elite athletes, we believe that the secret to success is in attracting world-class talent.

our videos

Sharing the world’s most captivating stories, defining our narrative with truth, integrity and passion – We are WarnerMedia, and for almost 50 years, we’ve been at the centre of the media’s universe.