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an incredible intern opportunity for elite athletes...

AB is a leading global investment-management and research firm. We bring together a wide range of insights, expertise and innovations to advance the interests of our clients around the world.

We're offering athletes a 6 month internship program to support with their transition from sport and prepare them for a corporate career. In partnership with ACT, we have developed a program to support, mentor and coach athletes into the next phase of their careers.

With a proven track record in supporting the successful transition of athletes, we deliver positive training with positive outcomes.

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about the AB opportunity

This is an excellent opportunity for an elite athlete to enter the investment space and start building the foundations of a new career outside sport.

As an Investment Management Operations Intern at AllianceBernstein, you will learn about the real the 'engine room' of a financial organisation, working to keep the vast quantities of information, money and products flowing correctly, ensuring millions of transactions are processed accurately every day.

Allie Feiner, VP & Head of GTO Professional & Organisational Development

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andy moore

act co-founder & director

Why Alliancebernstein?

"AB are committed to fostering a vibrant, empowering environment where employees feel valued, fairly treated and excited about building a career.

They cultivate diverse perspectives, empower team members to be their best selves and allow everybody to succeed based on merit. They allow athletes to learn about themselves and how they fit in business.

They understand the key insight that hiring an elite athlete can bring, and having hired a cohort of fantastic talent with ACT already, know what it takes to support athletes through their transition journey in partnership with ACT."


about alliancebernstein

As a global investment firm, we foster diverse perspectives and embrace innovation to help our clients navigate the uncertainty of capital markets.

We're committed to helping you achieve better outcomes... the way you define them. We get there by empowering diverse perspectives and breaking through boundaries. We're collaborative and connected-and we never stop working for you.

As an Athlete we'll give you exposure to new environments and a platform to establish critical networking connections.

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I always felt that my greatest asset was not my physical ability, it was my mental ability.

bruce jenner


AllianceBernstein put an emphasis on developing diverse talent with different viewpoints, and provide an environment where people can take different stances, bring different ideas to the table and push the envelope in solving problems. Whether you're producing thought-provoking research, identifying compelling investment opportunities, infusing new technologies into their business or providing thoughtful advice to their clients, they want to support you in making a difference.

When you join AB, they strive to make you feel challenged, empowered and excited about building a career with them, and the Athlete program is your first step to a great career.

You'll have the opportunity to watch, learn and grow, to gain a competitive edge and demonstrate your abilities outside of sport.



The purpose of the AB / ACT Internship is to give Athletes a special experience and exposure to a job, AB as a company, and the industry in which they operate. The opportunity is typically relatively short, around 6 months initially.

As an Athlete, you will get meaningful work experience for your resume, develop corporate skills and learn how to effectively transfer your skills of being an elite athlete to the workplace.

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Nashville is home to just under 700,000 residents, but it continues to boom with a rapid growth rate that can be attributed to a great job market, a high quality of life and a low cost of living.

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A city rich in history, bursting with culture, and booming with modern attractions, San Antonio invites you to discover what is old and explore what is new. 

san antonio

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AllianceBernstein has been operating in London for more than 25 years. Providing a forward-looking perspective, independent research and investment discipline across multiple asset classes.


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Nashville is home to just under 700,000 residents, but it continues to boom with a rapid growth rate that can be attributed to a great job market, a high quality of life and a low cost of living. For many people, Nashville serves as the perfect opportunity to live in a big city while working a job you love without decimating your bank account.

Nashville is located in the North Central region of the state of Tennessee. With its central location, Nashville residents are within a two-hour drive of several great spots, including scenic Chattanooga, TN. Residents also have relatively easy access to The Great Smoky Mountains and Kentucky Bourbon Trail.Nashville is home to an international airport that serves all major U.S. airlines and has daily non-stop flights to several major U.S. cities.

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san antonio

Be adventurous. And, visit San Antonio. A city rich in history, bursting with culture, and booming with modern attractions, San Antonio invites visitors to discover what is old and explore what is new. From their spectacular parks and green spaces, to festive seasonal events, to local shopping, dining and drinking. They have it all. Some interesting facts:

  • It's the 7th largest city in the US

  • The Alamo is the most visited attraction in Texas

  • Sea World is located here

  • San Antonio Zoo is the 3rd largest zoo in the US

  • It's the most visited city in Texas

  • Fiesta San Antonio is the city’s biggest and most attended festival. It takes place every April since 1891.

  • El Mercado’s shopping district is the largest Mexican market outside of Mexico.  



Thrive in a world outside of sport. With various open vacancies, exclusively reserved for high-performing elite athletes, we believe that the secret to success is in attracting world-class talent.

our videos

Check out our video feed to learn more about life at AllianceBernstein.

This channel is coming soon!

what our athletes have to say

Hear from some of our transitioned athletes on their views of working at Alliance Bernstein, and what attracted them to the role.

From volleyball player, George Huhmann, through to NFL player, Dion Bailey, listen to their stories and learn why Alliance Bernstein is such an excellent environment for transitioning athletes.

ACT transitioned athletes

From sport to business, meet the inspiring athletes who have already set the stage for success. These are a selection of athletes who have been through the transition process with ACT & AB. Join an elite group of athletes who have already undergone this program.

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the transition experience

It's easy to mis-understand the challenges that elite athletes face upon retirement, but much like military personnel, athletes are regimented, focussed, resourceful, used to routine and deliver their best each and every time. Our job is to help them take those fantastic qualities and apply them to the next phase of their careers within your organisation.

transition support

Transition Support is a key element in the successful transition of every retiring professional athlete.


ACT work closely with all athletes placed with business partners to ensure the transition process is as smooth and painless as possible. There is no doubt that there will be many challenges along the way but together we will face them and together we will overcome them!


The ACT Transition support team work tirelessly in its pursuit of our athletes next passion and purpose away from sport. We are part of your new team that is here to listen, advise, guide, support and help every step of the way. 


With decades of practical, and lived experience, at our finger tips ACT are experts in transition support, support that is consistent, dependable, available at all times and totally focussed on you!


the transition triad

Ensuring that every athlete we work with experiences a successful transition is at the heart of everything we do at ACT. It's in our DNA!


This can't happen however unless both the athlete and the business partner fully buy-in to the concept that comprehensive 360 support is the most effect route to success and retention.


Therefore working in partnership with AB, ACT will ensure that everything we do is centred around the successful transition of every athlete we work with, both from an holistic and career perspective.


Successful Transition

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ACT's tailored transition support program is derived from experience. Each of our transitioning athletes are provided a critical support network, founded on a community of like-minded individuals who have also shared a similar journey.

Salient Athlete Themes (Informed by ACT case studies and most current academic literature)


To be covered with each athlete in fixed sessions;

  • Identity - evaluation/creation (on-going)

  • Meaning & Purpose - evaluation/creation (on-going)

  • Culture adaptation

  • Business/Role demands & resources

  • Transferable skills

  • Life goals - Business & Broader life

  • Support network

  • Networking plan

  • Lifestyle Management

  • Broader life development

  • Routine

  • Body image & health


All additional individual emergent athlete needs and wants will be fully supported


Exclusively For Elite Athletes

We pair with organisations that truly appreciate the athlete perspective. Our vacancies are exclusive only to elite, high-performance candidates. All roles have been specifically developed to provide athletes with the opportunity to utilise their personal athletic strengths within a corporate workplace culture.

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Learn More

Book your no-obligation call with ACT Co-Founder, Director and former Welsh International Rugby Player, Andy Moore.

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