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for health.
with humanity.

In front of us is an incredible opportunity. To deliver better everyday health with humanity. An invitation to make it more achievable, more inclusive, and more sustainable.


Together we're empowering billions to take more control of their own health. To do this, each of us is committed to building on our global portfolio of category-leading brands. To combine our trusted science with deep human understanding. And to take us beyond everything we have done before.

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why join us?

The future of everyday health is changing. And we're the people changing it. Nowhere else will you find an opportunity quite like this. Because no one else is doing things quite the way we're doing them. Idea by idea. Product by product. Day by day. We're building one of the world's leading consumer healthcare companies. Working together not just to change the trajectory of people's everyday health, but to influence the Haleon we become. To shape our success. And bring momentum and progress to your own career.

Our purpose drives each of us to meet everyday health needs in new and better ways.


inspired by purpose

Our purpose drives each of us to meet everyday health needs in new and better ways. Developing innovations that are meaningful and impactful. That go beyond our products to tackle social barriers and environmental issues.

To make that happen, we first need a Haleon experience that enables us. Inspires, challenges, stretches, and supports us. Because to be a world leading consumer healthcare company isn't just about the impact we have on billions worldwide. It's about the impact we have on the 22,000 employees who are on the journey together.


our behaviours

Every improvement we make can have a positive impact on people's everyday health. Which is why we show up, every day, to always do the right thing. With a restless energy to go beyond. To do what matters most. And to keep it human.

it's on all of us

Everyone has their own reasons for joining us. Their own aspirations for the future. But whatever drives us, one thing is constant. Our collective and individual success is firmly in our hands. Together, we're building the Haleon experience.

diversity, equality & inclusion

For us, DE&I is an enabler. An enabler for our purpose. Our people. Our society. We commit to taking meaningful action that creates sustainable change. That builds a company in which we can all belong. Where we are all understood and valued. All supported to progress and thrive. A company that is representative of the world we live in.

Ultimately, we don't just want to be a great place to work. We want to be an inspiring place to be. For everyone.


we're going all in

Delivering better everyday health starts with more personal and purposeful careers.

our videos

Check out our video feed to learn more about life at Haleon.

learn and grow

None of us will ever stand still. Unstoppable in our pursuit to stretch and grow, we take it upon ourselves to learn. Compelled to explore our interests and seek out new perspectives. We have varied and exciting opportunities to build skills, knowledge, and the behaviours we need to do great work now and in the future.


Improving everyday health takes dedication. Energy. Effort. And we want to recognise it. As well as competitive salaries and annual bonuses, there's a range of other benefits on offer. Our recognition programme, for example, rewards your commitment and contribution. While our health and wellbeing programmes help you take care of your physical and mental health.


what our athletes have to say

Hear from some of our transitioned athletes on their views of working at Alliance Bernstein, and what attracted them to the role.

From volleyball player, George Huhmann, through to NFL player, Dion Bailey, listen to their stories and learn why Alliance Bernstein is such an excellent environment for transitioning athletes.

ACT transitioned athletes

From sport to business, meet the inspiring athletes who have already set the stage for success. Join an elite group of athletes who have already undergone this program.

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the transition experience

It's easy to mis-understand the challenges that elite athletes face upon retirement, but much like military personnel, athletes are regimented, focussed, resourceful, used to routine and deliver their best each and every time. Our job is to help them take those fantastic qualities and apply them to the next phase of their careers within your organisation.

transition support

Transition Support is a key element in the successful transition of every retiring professional athlete.


ACT work closely with all athletes placed with business partners to ensure the transition process is as smooth and painless as possible. There is no doubt that there will be many challenges along the way but together we will face them and together we will overcome them!