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ACT is your guide towards the perfect career after sport.

Athletes are known for their ability to battle through adversity to achieve the impossible, but retirement from sport can present an altogether more complex set of challenges.


Released from the structures and rigours of competition, newly-retired athletes often feel lost in their search for a new job that can truly satisfy.


It can be a scary time, but individuals going through this process are not alone – not when they team up with Athlete Career Transition. Here’s how we help:


In the right crowd

ACT’s team comprises former athletes who understand the transition journey first-hand. Our personal experiences and insights mean we provide invaluable guidance and mentorship.


From resume building to interview preparation and networking, we give athletes the tools and connections they need to succeed in their new career pursuits.


Job opportunities made to measure

We offer exclusive access to a wide range of job openings tailored specifically to the skill sets and expertise of former athletes.


These roles are carefully selected to align with strengths and attributes developed through years of elite competition. Whether it's in management, sales, finance, or entrepreneurship, we ensure that athletes are put into roles where they will excel.


Level playing field

We provide former athletes with career opportunities in nurturing workplaces, thanks to our partnerships with top-tier employers.


The recruitment process levels the playing field by selecting candidates from a pool of former athletes, eliminating the disadvantage often faced by those without traditional industry experience. This approach recognises and values the unique qualities that athletes bring to the table.


Personalised coaching

Transitioning from the sports arena to the corporate world is not just about finding a job – it calls for a rounded approach to career development.


Our comprehensive programme addresses all aspects of the transition, from wellbeing assistance and skills enhancement to ongoing mentoring. Athletes are able to thrive in their new professional environment.


No cost!

ACT’s services come at absolutely no cost to the athletes. This commitment to accessibility ensures that all retired athletes, regardless of their financial situation, can benefit from our resources and world-class support.

Join ACT today!

If you're ready for a new and fulfilling career after professional sport, join ACT and unlock exclusive global opportunities that will maximise your potential.




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