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More former athletes are finding careers after pro sport with Haleon

Here at Athlete Career Transition (ACT) we are shining the spotlight on our fantastic partnership with Haleon.

Since September 2022, the collaboration has seen ACT place a growing number of former athletes into roles at the consumer health multinational, helping them to transition out of professional sport and into careers in business.

Transitioned ACT athletes now working with Haleon include:

  • Danielle Karatamoglou – the South African former pro surfer is now a Tax & Compliance Analyst at Haleon in London, UK.

  • Peter Gostling – the former Team GB rower is now an Associate Brand Manager at Haleon, in New Jersey, USA.

  • Nicola White – the former hockey pro and Olympic gold and bronze medallist is now a Team Assistant in HR Leadership at Haleon in London, UK.

  • Joshua Calderon – Hailing from Puerto Rico, the former international soccer pro is now a Dental Territory Business Manager at Haleon in Manhattan, NYC.

A world leader

Haleon is trusted by millions of people around the globe, thanks to its brands built on science, innovation and human understanding.

But Haleon is also truly invested in its employees’ progress, challenging them to go beyond job parameters.

It’s the perfect working environment for former athletes – a place where they are inspired, stretched and supported throughout their career journey.

Support measures include:

  • 1-2-1 coaching no matter what an individual’s role or level in the business

  • A ‘myWellbeing’ programme that supports employees with their physical, emotional and purpose-related wellbeing

  • Open, continuous conversations between staff, managers, mentors and coaches

  • Opportunities to update skills and tailored training modules

Other benefits include:

  • A competitive base salary

  • Annual bonuses that reflect Haleon’s performance

  • Programmes that take care of physical and mental wellbeing

  • A pension plan membership and savings programmes

  • Childcare support

…and so much more.

To deliver better everyday health with humanity, Haleon must attract, hire, and develop people who share their restless energy. That’s why former athletes fit the bill.

Athlete Career Transition co-director Andy Moore:

“We are delighted to partner with a global leader such as Haleon. They want people who share their vision to do things differently.

“With their wealth of transferable skills, performance knowledge and elite experience, former athletes are growing with Haleon, helping to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges.

“Haleon’s array of tools, resources, opportunities and support allows former athletes to thrive in their new surroundings.”

Athlete Career Transition works alongside global organisations to successfully transition former professional athletes into business.


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