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No more B Players in 2024: How Hiring High-Performers from Sports Can Supercharge Workplace Productivity.

In the fast-paced and competitive business world, one thing remains constant – the pursuit of excellence. To thrive and outshine the competition, it's crucial to surround yourself with top-tier talent.


In her powerful statement, No More B Players, the entrepreneur Codie Sanchez emphasises the importance of hiring high-performing individuals.


Below, we explore the profound impact of bringing high-performing people from sports into your organisation, and explain why it’s a game-changer for boosting productivity and efficiency.

The Science Behind High Performers.

As Recruitment Leaders, Heads of Talent Acquisition, and DE&I advocates, it's essential to understand why high performers and how their presence can supercharge your team. Codie Sanchez refers to a study that showcases the connection between proximity to high performers and individual performance.


The study, conducted across numerous companies and hundreds of individuals, revealed that sitting next to an A-class high performer can increase your performance by a whopping 15%.


Conversely, positioning yourself next to an underperformer can reduce your productivity by a staggering 30%. In other words, for every B player you bring on board, energy and effectiveness take a hit.

The Power of High-Performing Athletes.

Let’s apply this principle to the world of sports. Athletes, especially those who have reached the pinnacle of their sport, are undoubtedly high performers. Their dedication, discipline, and focus engender qualities that can easily transfer into the corporate world. Here's why hiring high-performing athletes can be a game-changer for your organisation:


Strong Work Ethic.

Athletes are famed for their unwavering work ethic. They appreciate the value of consistent effort, practice, and pushing their limits. This dedication can inspire your team to work harder and smarter.



In sports, setbacks and failures are common. High-performing athletes possess the resilience to bounce back, learn from their mistakes, and keep moving forward. This mindset can help your team overcome challenges and stay locked on their goals.



Sport teaches athletes the importance of collaboration. They know their role within a group and how their contributions impact overall success. This translates seamlessly into a corporate setting, fostering a culture of cooperation and teamwork.


Mental Toughness.

Athletes develop mental toughness, allowing them to stay composed under pressure. In high-stress situations, this mental fortitude galvanises your organisation, ensuring that your team operate to their best even in challenging circumstances.



Athletes are adept at understanding the bigger picture. They can break large tasks down into smaller achievable objectives which they focus all their energies upon. The targets they set are ambitious, yet they’ll work relentlessly until those targets are hit. Having methodical, goal-driven individuals like this on your side can significantly improve results.


Codie Sanchez's mantra of "No More B Players" holds great significance for recruiters in the corporate world. The message is clear: surrounding your team with high performers is a sure-fire way to grow. With their exceptional qualities and mindset, they can be valuable assets to your organisation.

Athlete Career Transition.

In your bid to assemble winning teams, consider partnering with Athlete Career Transition (ACT).


We work with some of the world's biggest and best companies to harness the transformative power of former athletes who have proven themselves in the world of elite sports.


These remarkable people bring a unique blend of skills, talent, and experience that can take your organisation to new heights. Remember: there's no room for B players; it's time to aim for the stars.





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