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The Easter bank holiday is here! How will you spend yours?

Easter is upon us, and for many it’s a time to relax, reflect on life, and enjoy a few days away from the daily grind.


For former athletes, the rhythms of training and competition may be a thing of the past, which means this Easter could be about kicking back and doing all those things that elite sport denies. So, what’s it to be?


Hit the gym

Some habits die hard, right? Even after hanging up their jerseys, many athletes never truly leave the gym. After all, it’s a sure-fire way to stay sharp in mind and body.


Chill out with friends

No more strict schedules means more time for friends and socialising. Time to catch up with teammates over great food and a drink or two, or even friendly game of something less intense than pro sport.


Enjoy the great outdoors

Whether it’s a stroll in the park or a hike through the hills, getting out in the peace and quiet doesn’t happen too often during intense conditioning regimes. Finally, you can tap into the simple pleasures of life and stay fit while you’re at it.


Crack into the Easter chocolate

We all have our breaking points when it comes to indulging in our favourite treats, so you’d be forgiven for tearing into an Easter egg or three. But now it’s your chance to do so guilt free!


Sign up to Athlete Career Transition!

You could just do all of the above and fully sink into the present moment. But, why not sign up to Athlete Career Transition while you’re at it, and pave the way for a fantastic future!


Athlete Career Transition helps former athletes to transition smoothly and safely from sport into a second career in business.


If you’re a retiring or former athlete and you’re looking for a second high-performance occupation that will fuel your competitive spirit, then we are here for you. Here are some of the benefits:


Decades of experience

As former athletes ourselves, we understand the challenges of transitioning from sport into a new job. We offer wellbeing support, skills enhancement, and mentoring to help athletes take confident steps into their new careers.


Expert analysis and assessment

ACT uses a range of psychometric tools to assess an athlete’s personality, behaviour, and talents. This helps in identifying transferable skills so that athletes are matched to the most appropriate roles and business environments.


Get noticed

With ACT's resources, athletes stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s using LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, or all three, we help athletes to showcase their sporting, academic, and life achievements, build the personal brand and position for success.


World-class partners

ACT partners with world-class employers who will help you to take your second career to the stars. Importantly, athletes are placed into working environments that offer the right support for performance needs, ensuring a smooth and swift transition process.


Level playing field

The job opportunities secured with ACT's employer partners are exclusively for elite athletes. No competing against those with years of industry experience; you’ll be selected from a group of athletes like yourself.


And the best part? ACT’s services are completely free!

So, what are you waiting for?

Why not use your time wisely and take a step towards a rewarding new career? Sign up to Athlete Career Transition today and let’s get started.


Click here to join our Talent Pool, and have a fantastic Easter bank holiday.


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