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Black History Month – A celebration of black athletic talent.

As we mark over 30 years of Black History Month, we take a trip down memory lane, celebrating the great athletic talent that paved the way for black representation in sports. Whilst today, we can’t begin to imagine golf without the legendary Tiger Woods, or track and field races without the prolific and exceptional Usain Bolt, it’s easy to forget a time where black athletic talent was never so present and popular on our screens, playing fields and race tracks.

Fortunately, credit to the vast achievements of our past black athletic talent, the sporting world is now a much more diverse place, more accepting of equality than it has ever been. Sporting talent is now inclusive, thanks to the trailblazers who triumphed over oppression. Today, we shine the spotlight on some of our favourite and most historical sporting heroes from then to now, as we recognise the exceptional athletes that changed sports forever for the better.