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Gen Z Athletes: Game Changers for Business

In the ever-evolving modern workplace, change is one of our few guarantees.


Generational shift is a primary vehicle for this change, and Gen Z are currently in the driving seat, making their mark and shaking up the way we operate.


But what about Gen Z employees that possess a background in athletics? For UFC Founder and CEO, Dana White, these individuals stand out because they are “savage”. Below we look at what this means, and why business leaders need to take note.

Differing worlds of work

Driven by their tech-savvy nature and social conscience, studies show that Gen Z prioritise work-life balance; they champion diversity, inclusion and social responsibility.


These valuable qualities promote collaboration and innovation, but it can also lead recruiters to perceive the younger generation as challenging or disruptive.


On the other hand, the landscape of professional sport can be seen as more stable because the qualities that athletes need to get the edge are more set in stone. No matter what your age bracket, social or ethnic heritage, winning in sport is about resilience, discipline, teamwork, and that all-important ability to breakdown big journeys into smaller achievable goals.

Best of both worlds

Combine these profiles and you get the Gen Z athlete, and here’s where the magic happens. We know that people from this demographic are talented, versatile and forward-thinking; they are ready to adapt, taking on trends and technologies that are evolving quicker than ever.


Add athletic pedigree into the mix, and you have a formidable hybrid who can deliver results under pressure, collaborate brilliantly, and commit to their objectives; a person who seeks direct feedback in order to better themselves daily.

Savage performers

This is what Dana White means when he talks about the savage mindset. It’s not about being aggressive, it’s about an insatiable hunger for success. The mentality doesn’t shy from challenges but runs through them – a quality that is highly prized by employers in every industry.


Besides being a prime asset in business, this mindset also means that Gen Z athletes are more comfortable transitioning from sport into second careers. Their natural curiosity makes them lifelong learners, always seeking opportunities across numerous industries, confident in their ability to transfer skills, assimilate fresh knowledge and hit the ground running. Many leverage their platforms to demonstrate leadership, advocating positive change to make meaningful impact beyond the corporate domain.


The savage mindset enables the Gen Z athlete to raise the bar. They move with the times and embrace change, yet consistently deliver top levels of performance to shape business for the better.

Athlete Career Transition

As we continue to navigate the post-pandemic landscape, more companies are discovering the future-proofing benefits that come with hiring a Gen Z athlete.


Athlete Career Transition (ACT) helps this process by supporting individuals throughout their transition from sport into business.


We work closely with candidates, helping them to develop their skills and placing them into environments where they’ll thrive.



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